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Shop Talk

These service tips are designed to help you get the most out of your time and parts.

Governor Synchronizing Procedure

A simple, yet Most Vital procedure commonly overlooked and misunderstood. Synchronizing the governor is the 1st step in making RPM & Carburetor adjustments. It sets the correct baseline or foundation for all other adjustments.

Clutch Spring Retainer Clip

How to make a clutch spring tool from an ordinary pair of wire cutters and instructions.

Clutch Holder Oil Hole

Drastically improve the life of your clutch with this small modification for all Honda and Yamakoyo engines!

Clutch Cover Bolt & Clutch Case

All clutch cases are made of soft aluminum, whether it is a Honda or Yamokoyo. To prevent stripping of threaded holes in soft aluminum, here are some helpful suggestions.

Go Kart Engine Smoking???

Common things to look for when you engine is smoking.

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